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The 5 Best Educational Instagram Accounts for Students

Instagram educational accounts

The process of getting your degree may not have been the most enjoyable experience to you but using social media is certainly fun. But what happens if you can get the best education from social media? It’s sure to be fun for you.

It is true that we think of social media as a time to relax and entertain. However, many do not think that it could be educational as well as entertainment. We have compiled the most educational Instagram accounts for you to gain an education.

1) National Geographic

Who doesn’t know about National Geographic? We all enjoy the magazine (except for the spooky emotions it creates with snakes and black widow videos).

It offers a fascinating education for any archaeology, history or biology scholar. While there are rattlesnakes, you’ll find less disturbing content, too.

Students will learn plenty through their infographics, photos as well as special coverage videos. Everything from animals to history and culture all provides useful aid.


It’s not everyone’s dream to travel to Mars. However, we all keep an eye on how Elon Musk is doing. NASA is among the most reputable departments worldwide which have produced some of the most amazing discoveries.

There is no need to study Astrology or physics attracted with the A’s. However, their Instagram channel will provide you with an educational experience.

If you’re trying to come up with some great material for your studies, check out NASA’s Instagram profile.

3) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is among the top educational accounts that you can locate for your everyday life. After you have completed your studies and are looking for work, you may utilize this account for inspiration. They showcase the real-life face on their online platform. This allows them to make excellent connections with professionals across the world.

4) The British Library

Libraries always provide assistance to students. What if something offers all the support you need to meet your education requirements? With the help of your social media accounts, you’ll definitely develop the skills.

If you’re truly interested in education or books, you could certainly be a part of our profile.

5) The American Museum of Natural History

They’re among the top available in the education field. History is among the most boring subjects for many students. If you’re trying to bring some spice to the subject, explore this profile.

This means that you can’t take it on as a full course (owing to the hours of credit you’ll earn) You can try it as secondary education.

They offer a variety of educational materials. With their incredible images, you will be able to access a range of kinds of assistance.

Final Words

We have discussed some of the most popular education-related Instagram profiles. If you have help in these areas including biology, history, archaeology, and general education, you’ll be able to succeed as a student.

NASA, National Geographic, and LinkedIn education can make a difference in your academic performance and your personal life! Therefore, check these accounts for yourself and then follow these accounts to ensure an improved educational experience. It will help your academic performance.

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