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Beaming with knowledge: world famous Beamish Museum hosts teacher training day to bring tech to North East schools

Tech specialist Sync has hosted a teacher training day at the North East’s Beamish Open Air Museum.

Dubbed the ‘Living Museum of the North’, Beamish is considered the first regional open-air museum in England and has been attracting tourists from across the world for over 50 years.

Unlike anything before at the museum and ahead of school term beginning at the end of August, Sync invited teachers from across the north east for an essential technology training day.

Equipped with iPad devices, teachers were encouraged to discover the wonders of Beamish using the technology at their disposal, interacting with a variety of built-in tools and third-party apps, all on one device.

Sync, in partnership with Knetic Education, held the event at Beamish with the purpose of improving and developing classroom education. This training event was the perfect opportunity to encourage teachers to develop their digital literacy as well as bringing fresh ideas to their classroom.

Paul Tullock, Apple Professional Learning Specialist at Sync, commented:

“We are wanting to showcase how technology benefits both teachers and learners. Beamish gave us the exciting opportunity to do exactly this, using the museum’s unique environment to give teachers attending an engaging and interactive way to see how technology can improve engagement in the classroom”.

Many teachers across the north east have said that they lack the confidence and experience to use technology in their teaching, resulting in an increase in work-related stress. It’s vital then that we showcase how iPad for example can support thousands of students and wider classrooms in the region alone”.

Sync had great success in training programmes in the past and has worked with over 7,000 schools to enhance learning and development opportunities by introducing technology in the classroom.

Right now, only 65% of teachers state that they are using technology more than in previous years. Sync believes increasing this percentage will result in students across the region will be better equipped in the classroom, leading to improved attainment in north east schools.

To find out more about the teacher training day at Beamish, watch the video here:

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