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College Hosts ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ event to champion student mental health

Newbury College welcomed local mental health organisations to its Monk’s Lane Campus on Thursday 02 November, for a successful ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ event. The event, aimed at providing students with valuable resources and direct engagement with local organisations, underscored the importance of mental health and the practical steps students can take to support their wellbeing.

Throughout the day, ‘The Street’, the college’s bustling communal area, was a hub of interaction and learning. Students had the opportunity to converse with experts and explore services offered by various supportive organisations, including the Emotional Health Academy, Eight Bells for Mental Health, Samaritans, Volunteer Centre, West Berks Food Bank, Everyone Active and Via – The Edge.

Some of the day’s highlights were the inspiring talks held in The Forum by Samaritans, Everyone Active and Haleem Clift, a speaker on Positive Masculinity and Mental Health. As a partner of The Charlie Waller Trust, Clift offered powerful insights into how young people can understand and manage their mental health while fostering open conversations about the topic.

Students also delved into the ‘5 ways to wellbeing’, a set of evidence-based actions to promote a more positive mindset and healthier life. These include connecting with people to foster a sense of worth, being physically active to boost mood, learning new skills for confidence, giving to others for a feeling of purpose, and practising mindfulness to appreciate the present moment.

Newbury College is deeply grateful to all the participating organisations that dedicated their time and effort to make this event a cornerstone for change and conversation around mental health. The event was not just an opportunity for support but a powerful statement that mental health is a priority, and our community is richer for the support systems in place.

“We recognise the importance of community involvement and proactive support to uplift our students’ mental health and wellbeing,” said Caroline Adshead, Wellbeing Co-Ordinator at Newbury College. “The ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ are more than just tips—they’re a lifestyle that we want to embed within our college culture. It’s about providing the tools our students need to thrive both inside and outside the classroom.”

Newbury College prides itself in creating opportunities to transform lives and offers an exceptional level of support to help students achieve their goals. To find out more about some of the support services provided by Newbury College to help keep students safe, visit

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