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Cyber Security opportunities on the rise for career changers

There can be no doubt that the biggest risk to small businesses in the UK right now is the ever-increasing risk of cybercrime.

Cybercrime in 2024 is extremely sophisticated and highly professionalised, exploiting vulnerabilities on a large scale.

Hackers and cyber criminals are able to employ several innovative tactics that pose immense challenges to businesses, governments and individuals.

For example, a recent survey* highlighted that 75% of those currently working within cybersecurity roles in the UK, believe that the risk of a cyber attack on the organisation they work for has increased due to new developments in AI and the rise in remote working.

However, with the increased levels of sophistication regarding cybercrime comes the opportunity for new careers to be developed in this field.

And yet, an alarming rate of companies still don’t have dedicated staff within their business to help safeguard against potential cyber attacks.

According to another recent report, half of small businesses have no cybersecurity measures in place at all, while 60% of small business owners, with no cybersecurity measures in place, believe their business is too small to be attacked.

In our latest insight paper, we review the top cybersecurity related careers to pursue in 2024, as well as revealing the latest tactics that cybercriminals are adopting in 2024.

At the B2W Group, we are seeing a large increase in learners looking to pursue careers in Cybersecurity, and have launched fully-funded courses available in Networking & Cybersecurity for this reason.

You can read and download our latest insight paper here

* Human Risk Review (2023) – SoSafe

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