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Education is worth the investment: study names sector among most stable and profitable sectors

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Educational service business owners are confident about their future, study reveals

  • Educational Service business owners are the second-most confident about the future, with 41.3% reporting confidence about their future performance.
  • Closely behind is the Health Care and Social Assistance sector, with 40.4% of business owners reporting confidence about their future performance.
  • Meanwhile, transportation and warehousing are expecting the worst performance in the next six months.

New research has discovered which industries business owners are most confident about the future, with educational services ranking second.

Web hosting provider, Hostinger, analysed survey data from the US Census Bureau to determine the industries where business owners are most confident about their current performance, as well as their predicted performance in six months’ time.

RankSector% of business owners confident about their future performance
2Educational Services41.3
3Health Care and Social Assistance40.4
4Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services40.1
5Finance and Insurance39.1
6Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation37.8
7Administrative, Support, Waste Management, and Remediation Services34.1
9Management of Companies and Enterprises33.2

At the top of the list is utilities, with 45.4% of business owners in this sector who predict that their business will be performing above average or excellent in six months. This sector includes all water, gas, electric, and power companies, which perform well regardless of the economic climate, making it a very profitable business. 

Second is educational services, which includes schools, colleges, and training centers. It is a rapidly expanding sector in which companies can be very successful; 41.3% of business owners have estimated above average or excellent performance in six months’ time, this being a 2.4% increase from the 38.9% who feel confident in their current performance.

In third place is health care and social assistance, another lucrative industry for business owners, with 40.4% predicting that their company’s performance will be above average or excellent in six months’ time and 41.2% who feel positive about how they are currently performing. The sector is mainly comprised of hospitals, residential care services, and social assistance. 

Fourth is professional, scientific, and technical services. This sector includes a wide range of businesses, including legal representation, engineering, and computer services. 40.1% of business owners feel confident in both the current and future performance of their company.

Finance and insuranceis fifth, with 39.1% of business owners who feel that their business’ performance will be above average or excellent in six months and 38% who are confident in their current performance. This sector includes all businesses who deal with money, credit, and insurance.

A spokesperson from Hostinger commented on the findings:

“There are many aspects for business owners to consider when it comes to improving their performance, including their staff, their sales and their website. Those that have these crucial areas covered are the most successful, as it allows them to focus their efforts on developing the business further.

“It will be interesting to monitor business performance in these sectors over the next six months to see how accurate the business owners’ predictions were, and if any new sectors move up the ranking.”

This information was provided by Hostinger the go to place for web hosting and website building.

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