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Graduate Coach Introduces Employability Route Map to Empower University Parents and Students

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Graduate Coach, the UK’s leading graduate coaching company, has unveiled its groundbreaking Employability Route Map for Undergraduates.

This innovative product is designed to empower both university students and their parents by providing a clear roadmap for maximising the university experience and enhancing employability prospects.

“The Employability Route Map helps students develop the essential skills and mindset needed to make the most of their university experience,” said Chris Davies, founder and head coach at Graduate Coach.

“It guides them in transforming every aspect of their academic journey, from studies to involvement in societies, into valuable learning opportunities that increases the likelihood of gaining meaningful employment after graduation. By adopting a career-focused approach to university, students can naturally develop their critical skills, identify their strengths, and gain the knowledge necessary to secure a rewarding job opportunities after graduation.”

Features and benefits of the Employability Route Map for Undergraduates

  1. Advises parents on identifying the employability skills found in societies, temporary in-university jobs, and practical experiences
  2. Teaches students how to take strategic approaches in seminars and networking to hone their skills
  3. Provides essential information on Employability tests and how to tackle interviews


Undergraduates must become work-ready while in university. The job market is competitive and there are typically more than 200 candidates for each opportunity. This means students must develop the nine key employability skills that the Employability Route Map for Undergraduates will provide. Graduate Coach’s empowering guide will outline the ways in which skills can be cultivated through voluntary work, clubs and societies, and internships among others. Parents will learn how they can best assist their children in developing the skills that will aid in landing a great job after. Students will learn how to get more out of university than University gets out of them.

Employability Route Map for Undergraduates will be available from 5th October 2023 at £500. For more information, visit Graduate coach.

About Graduate Coach

Founded in 2014, Graduate Coach Britain’s number 1 graduate coaching company. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to turn UK and international students and graduates’ degrees into careers.

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