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insight6 Launches Guide to Help the Education Sector Recruit More Students and Improve Experience

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As the education landscape faces various challenges – mounting financial pressures, access and participation concerns, and rising student mental health issues to name a few – prioritising the student experience has become a critical element in maintaining a viable business model for fee-paying institutions.

To aid educational facilities in understanding and enhancing the student experience, insight6, a leading Customer Experience (CX) specialist within the Education sector, has launched a comprehensive and free downloadable guide with actionable tips and long-term strategies.

The guide, titled “Understanding How Your Students Feel to Improve Well-being and Retention,” aims to empower educational institutions with the knowledge and tools they need to create a positive and supportive environment for their students from enrolment to graduation.

By nurturing student well-being, institutions can not only attract and retain a diverse student population but also boost student success academically and pastorally, enhancing the long-term financial outlook.

However, the education sector faces significant challenges in managing student well-being. Recent data from NHS Digital has revealed concerning statistics, with 1 in 4 young people (17-to-19 year-olds) now have a probable mental health disorder. And another recent study found that 63% of students reported overwhelming anxiety, and 41% experienced depression to the point of impaired functioning.

The guide acknowledges these challenges and offers practical solutions to address them effectively.

Jonathan Winchester, CEO of insight6, emphasises the importance of understanding and meeting students’ needs throughout their educational journey:

“Higher Education institutions must ensure students’ needs are met at every step of the journey, from enrolment to graduation. Prioritising student well-being brings advantages to educational institutions as well. By fostering a positive learning environment that promotes well-being, institutions can experience higher retention rates, improved student satisfaction, and better financial stability.”

The insightful guide includes quick and easy tips for educational facilities to enhance their handling of new enquiries and boost conversion rates. Additionally, it provides in-depth strategies to improve overall Student Experience.

To request your free copy of the Student Guide, please visit here.

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