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Leading edtech company, GoStudent, takes bold new leap into virtual reality learning

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  • GoStudent launches GoVR, an immersive language learning platform for students, in partnership with Immerse and Meta
  • GoVR set to revolutionise language learning for the next generation with tutor-led virtual reality (VR) group experiences in virtual environments that simulate real-life settings
  • The platform aims to enhance students’ foreign language speaking abilities and confidence
  • British tutors are amongst first to trial the platform on English language students

GoStudent, one of the world’s leading tutoring providers, unveils GoVR – a pioneering, immersive, virtual reality language learning platform designed for students aged 13-18.

Created in collaboration with Immerse, an award-winning VR training platform, and supported by Meta via a hardware donation of Meta Quest 2 VR headsets, this ground-breaking launch aims to transform language learning for students.

GoVR oers tutor-led virtual reality group language learning experiences, enabling students to enhance their foreign language speaking abilities and confidence through immersion into foreign environments and ‘real-life’ settings.

The platform has been designed with the specific needs of both tutors and students in mind. Imagine students being able to order a baguette from a café along the Seine, or asking a local for directions to the nearest bus stop.

Felix Ohswald, CEO and Co-Founder of GoStudent explains:

“GoVR represents a quantum stride in language learning. We’ve transformed the traditional classroom into an engaging playground where students can experience, interact with, and learn languages in ways that are both fun and eective. Our partnership with Immerse and Meta further cements our position as a leading EdTech player, whilst supporting our mission to provide innovative and personalised learning experiences to students[LS2] .”

Research conducted by Immerse has demonstrated the profound benefits of VR technology in language learning. This immersive approach is proven to enhance memory retention, increase confidence amongst students (vs traditional classroom settings) and deliver significant improvements in English listening, reading and speaking skills*. It also encourages social interaction and collaboration, creating a supportive environment for students to practice speaking with native-language tutors and their peers.

Nick Clegg, President, Global Aairs at Meta, says: “For most of us, learning is social – we learn from and with others, and from each other’s experiences. That’s why the unique feeling of presence and immersion these technologies create can be so transformative for education.

Partners like GoStudent will help us understand how teachers and students can get the best out of these technologies.

Central to GoStudent’s mission is the unwavering dedication to innovation for a more eective, engaging, and enjoyable learning experience. Therefore, GoVR comes in direct response to a growing understanding that education is not a ‘one size fits all’ experience and that students are keen to see more technology enter the curriculum.

A recent cross-European study** by the edtech firm found that 77% of students believe technology facilitates learning. Amongst 14-16 year olds, 80% want to use the Metaverse as an educational tool and 64% believe the Metaverse will make education more fun. 63% think it will allow them to explore potential future careers in a safe, virtual world and more than half (57%) believe that they will learn more eectively in the Metaverse.

However, despite this enthusiasm, the same report found that only 13% of students across Europe are currently using VR at school. This is where GoVR steps in to plug the gap, acknowledging the evolving needs and desires of students in their educational journey.

GoVR goes live on June 13, 2023, when British tutors will begin teaching English language students in Germany,Austria and Switzerland on the platform. Students will be able to access more than 40 virtual locations, with scenarios centred around teamwork-based exercises. Environments range from restaurants and comedy clubs to TV studios and a desert island. Each month, new locations will be added to keep the experience fresh and motivating for students. Lessons will last 50 minutes and will cost approximately 25 to 27€. Each lesson will host between one and eight students.

No matter the user’s ability and knowledge of VR or the platform, GoVR’s intuitive interface is easy-to-use for all students and teachers. Whether navigating through the virtual environments or interacting with lessons, users will find the platform both accessible and engaging.

Students can join the sessions either via VR for a fully immersive experience or from their desktop for convenience. Tutors will join from their desktops, ensuring a comfortable teaching environment while facilitating an engaging learning experience for students.

Leading edtech company, GoStudent, takes bold new leap into virtual reality learning

*98.8% of students reported that their English-speaking skills improved thanks to Immerse and there was an 8.5% increase in English speaking scores after just 200 minutes spent in the Immerse program.

**TheGoStudent Future of Education Report 2023

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