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Malvern College Allows Role Model Pupils to Shine on The Small Screen

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Malvern College (@malverncollege) in Worcester has looked to some of its pupils as stars of the small screen as it gives a glimpse at what life is like on its Malvern campus. Malvern College has unveiled a series of new, professional videos with each one focusing on an individual pupil talking about their day-to-day routines and the achievements they are most proud of at school. Taking the theme of role models, the school was particularly keen to feature youngsters who had shown a positive and can-do attitude to their education and in doing so were inspiring others to do the same.

In total the college filmed four pupils capturing what they usually get up to in school; the areas they enjoy, their aims and those disciplines in which they particularly excel. Headmaster Keith Metcalfe said it had been a priority to allow pupils to have a clear voice when they launched the project to create new film content to showcase the school.

He said they wanted to delve a little deeper into the Malvern story to give potential families a look at how the school valued the individual and how young people are sometimes the best inspiration even for peers their age. The four pupils; Amaya, Andreas, Elsa and Kipp, spent several days with filmmakers as they captured the teenagers in lessons, on the sports field and taking part in numerous extra-curricular activities. 

Mr Metcalfe said:

“We are delighted to have launched our new films and particularly proud that they feature the stories of some of our most dedicated pupils who have always approached their education with a positive mindset and openness to opportunity,”

“It was important that our role models were not just leaders in a particular field or area but that they showed a willingness all around to do well, work hard and contribute to others. Their message is that there is something at school for everyone and always the potential to achieve and to give back. I believe schools generally need to look at a variety of ways in which they inspire their pupils to enjoy school and to make the most of it while they can.

“We often use older people at the pinnacle of their career to try and inspire children to aim high but it is also important to look closer to home to see where that success begins.

“We wanted to show that the right attitude to school is a vital part of those beginnings and I believe our role models capture that well and in doing so give a wonderful and emotional snapshot of the best of your school days.”

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