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New Frankfurt School Centre for Central Banking – launch in 2024

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    Frankfurt School of Finance & Management announced the establishment of the “Frankfurt School Centre for Central Banking”. The announcement was made during a guest lecture by Mervyn King, former Governor of the Bank of England, on 11 October 2023 at Frankfurt School. The new Centre will officially commence its activities in January of 2024, strategically expanding the business school’s expertise in teaching and research on central banking topics and building on the school’s strong academic track record with one of the leading finance departments in Europe.

    The Frankfurt School Centre for Central Banking will address pressing issues in central banking, conduct relevant research projects and expand the business school’s academic and executive education programmes as well as its networking activities in the realm of central banks. Frankfurt School is excellently positioned on central banking issues such as monetary policy, payment systems and regulation, which have an enormous impact on the economy as a whole and financial markets in particular.

    The new Centre will establish a professorship for a particularly research-strong academic. In addition, Jens Weidmann, former Bundesbank President, already joined on 1 June 2023 as Professor of Practice in Central Banking. Together with Emanuel Mönch, Professor of Financial and Monetary Economics, Jens Weidmann will head the Frankfurt School Centre for Central Banking, which will also involve other faculty members, as well as post-doctoral researchers and doctoral students.

    The Banque centrale du Luxembourg (BCL) has announced to contribute to the support of the Frankfurt School Centre for Central Banking, among others by funding the endowed tenured professorship and a doctoral fellowship. In the context of this partnership, the BCL is looking forward to fruitful and stimulating exchanges and to benefitting from the Centre’s research output in domains that matter most to a central bank.

    Gaston Reinesch, Governor of the Banque centrale du Luxembourg, said:

    “We are proud to partner with Frankfurt School of Finance & Management as it is one of Europe’s leading business universities and finance departments. With its international orientation and strong research, Frankfurt School is ideally positioned to address central banking topics. By supporting the new Centre, we want to contribute to the Centre’s goal to create an impactful think tank on central banking issues. This relationship will allow us, via multifaceted exchanges, to increase our knowledge and to even better conduct our tasks in a changing environment that keeps becoming more and more complex.”

    “I am very excited and proud that the Banque centrale du Luxembourg decided to be the founding partner of our new Frankfurt School Centre for Central Banking”, said Professor Nils Stieglitz, President and CEO of Frankfurt School. “Our business school’s DNA combines excellent research with a high level of practical relevance. The new Centre will tackle issues highly relevant for central banks, governments, financial markets and the economy as a whole. It will further add to Frankfurt School’s strong experience and reputation in the field of finance. Thanks to the generous support of the BCL, we are able to establish a Centre that will be able to tangibly advance the research and exchange on central banking issues.”

    Professor Jens Weidmann explained:

    “We feel very honoured and privileged to announce that the Banque centrale du Luxembourg is supporting the Frankfurt School Centre for Central Banking over the next years. Our agreement with the BCL includes among others a new BCL professorship and fellowship. We are very much looking forward to our collaboration with the BCL which will help establish the Frankfurt School Centre for Central Banking as a hub for central bank relevant research and a platform for exchange and education in central banking. Frankfurt School with its strong academic credentials and Frankfurt as the only city worldwide which is home to two central banks and important supervisory and regulatory institutions are ideal locations for that purpose.”

    Professor Emanuel Mönch added:

    “At the Frankfurt School Centre for Central Banking, we are dedicated to fostering research excellence, conducting outreach activities, and building a vibrant community in the field of central banking. Our focus extends beyond monetary policy and encompasses other crucial areas where central banks hold key responsibilities, including financial stability and payment systems. Our mission is to educate students and the wider public about the vital role and activities of central banks and their significance for the financial system.”

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