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Student commitment to wellbeing earns shortlisting in national awards

A community-minded student from the University of Chester has been nominated for a national award. 

The voting period is now open to support Aadhi Agilan who has been nominated as a finalist for the Next Gen Awards 2023 by Bright Network for the Wellbeing Category. 

At the NextGen Awards 2023, studentsand societies across the UK can get the national recognition they deserve for making a huge impact over the last year. Whether part of a society that is empowering women in STEM leadership or a student breaking from the mould and making pivotal changes for diversity, the NextGen Awards is about every student and society that is making their mark and driving positive change.  

Aadhi, 23, from Singapore, is a second year student studying for a BSc in Psychology who has been making a difference to student life at the University as well as in the wider community. 

He is described as an enthusiastic individual dedicated to making a positive impact in his community. 

Aadhi said:

“I’ve played a pivotal role as a Youth Worker, helping to re-establish a youth club in Upton, Chester, after over a decade of absence. My efforts have focused on fostering a sense of community and prioritising the wellbeing of the youth.

“As an NUS Representative, I’ve collaborated with like-minded individuals to advocate for policies that support student wellbeing on a national scale.  I also serve as the Neurodivergent Representative for the Students Union this year, aiming to enhance engagement and overall student experience, especially for those often overlooked with mental health needs.

“I’m also an active volunteer, contributing over 100 hours of my time last year to promote an active lifestyle and enhance overall wellbeing among students. I’m committed to creating a community that prioritizes diversity, fosters inclusion, and places the wellbeing of its members at the forefront.”

As well as these achievements, Aadhi also works as a Research Assistant at the University’s Centre for Ageing and Mental Health and has participated in conducting research that emphasises the importance of wellbeing for our aging population. He also helped to organise a TEDx UoChester, providing a platform for open discussions and diverse perspectives on various topics regarding wellbeing.

Kevin Rodgers, Lecturer in Psychology, said:

“We are all incredibly proud of Aadhi’s achievements. He is making a real difference to the lives of those around him and really deserves this place in the finals.”

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