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NOCN Group named as one of Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2024


Skills charity NOCN Group (@NOCNGroup) has been named amongst the Best Medium-sized Organisations in the UK in the Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2024 list.

The annual Sunday Times Best Places to Work list is devised from an analysis of 50,000 organisations globally which measures several attributes relating to employee satisfaction. The companies selected for the list universally score highest on these attributes including inclusivity and retention. For the companies in the list, the ‘flight risk’ (percentage of employees looking to leave the organisation within the next nine months) drops from 28% to below 10%.

NOCN Group’s 200-strong workforce across its UK and international offices (including India and The Gulf) were surveyed for the Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2024. The organisation’s listing highlights the formal staff training and development, flexible working and a host of attractive employee benefits and support it offers.

Lord Mark Price, founder of employee engagement specialists WorkL which powers the Best Places to Work survey and analysis, says:

Those companies that perform best in The Sunday Times list have lower staff turnover, lower sick absences and higher levels of productivity. It’s also good for Great Britain PLC. We see clear links between productivity and companies that are doing this well. The better a business does, the more tax it’s going to pay and the more we can invest in UK services. What we know in the UK is that productivity has been one of our great challenges.”

Graham Hasting-Evans, chief executive of NOCN Group, adds:

“As a leading provider of skills solutions to colleges, schools, training providers, employers and individuals, it’s important that we practice what we preach by being an employer that values, develops and properly upskills our own people. As Lord Mark Price says, the Best Places to Work analysis demonstrates to all organisations how investment in your people has clear commercial and social benefits including productivity, which is something that is top of our agenda. We’re here to help other employers reap these benefits through vocational qualifications, apprenticeships, training and more.”

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