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Innovate UK Scaleup Programme to help Guildhawk scale up its next-generation SaaS digital technologies

Guildhawk GAI SaaS digital technology registered trade mark with Innovate UK Scaleup Programme logos news announcement

The Government backed InnovateUK Scaleup Programme supports a select group of companies on a journey to exponential growth. The initiative will help Guildhawk scale up its world leading digital technologies and multilingual data management innovations.

The Scaleup Programme is designed to support highly innovative, ambitious, high-growth oriented companies already on their scaling journey, whose innovations or business models can disrupt an existing market, and who are establishing or already implementing their international markets strategy. High-impact engagement and early-stage outcomes can include access to finance, investment readiness or internationalisation plans.

‘Guildhawk is honoured to have been accepted, following a rigorous three-stage screening process’, says Guildhawk founder and coder, Jurga Zilinskiene MBE. She adds, ‘Our tech is making duplication of work obsolete, and it is amazing to receive help from the Scaleup Programme.’   

Maxine Adam, Head of Business Growth at Innovate UK, says, ‘Our work with the Guildhawk team is a great example of just how much value this programme can add to the endeavours of the business leaders we support. The inputs are varied and blend strategic thinking with invaluable hands-on tactical guidance, to create outcomes that deliver real commercial advantage. It’s a pleasure working with the Guildhawk Directors at this pivotal time for their business.’

Speaking about the programme, she adds, ‘Admission onto the Scaleup Programme is a rigorous and highly selective process. To be eligible, selectors look for innovative, ambitious, high-growth oriented companies that are already on their scaling journey. Guildhawk is a perfect candidate in this respect and, together with EEN, we are looking forward to helping it scale up, drive growth, and realise its potential as a high-performing and world leading business’.

About Guildhawk: Next-generation digital technologies to improve lives and decarbonise our planet

The Guildhawk mission is to help industries achieve Net Zero, improve lives and protect the environment by creating better digital technologies to solve big multilingual challenges.

Up to 80% of data cannot be read by machines since it is in formats and languages that are hard to digitise. Consequently, manual processes and duplication continues. Worst of all, knowledge that would help companies improve lives and decarbonise is missed.  

Guildhawk is solving this problem by creating next-generation digital technologies. These organise data in multiple formats and languages so it can be used to help businesses improve ESG performance and save money. Duplication and manual processes are a big problem for industries like construction and regulatory compliance because missing hazards creates serious risks.

Helping every business to overcome data challenges and continuously improve their performance, is the driver behind GAI (Guildhawk AI) a powerful new Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. GAI was developed by Guildhawk with backing from their academic partner, Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) which includes paid workplace training for SHU student coders. Subscribers avoid costly duplication of work and gain knowledge using GAI features that securely manage and auto-translate data. Moreover, users can access Guildhawk’s global library of official pre-translated documents that prevent duplication plus a learning zone to increase their knowledge.  

Guildhawk digital innovations are made possible because the company owns G-Data Vault, a vast multilingual data lake. The translations within G-Data Vault are 100% accurate because they were created and verified by qualified linguists using the Guildhawk Human-in-the-loop (G-HITL) process. This pure multilingual data trains the Guildhawk Machine Learning algorithms and thus produce better, more authentic results.

Founded in 2001, Guildhawk is a profitable business with a loyal blue-chip client base that includes AMGEN, Mitsubishi Corporation, Sony and UNEP. HM Queen Elizabeth honoured the company with the Queens’ Award for International Trade in 2019. The Queen also honoured Jurga Zilinskiene, the company’s female tech founder with the MBE for services to international trade.

There is now an opportunity to invest in Guildhawk and HMRC have approved EIS Advance Assurance to support their entry into new markets.

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