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Porto Business School announces new partnership with Woxsen University

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Porto Business School(@UPorto) announces a new partnership with Woxsen University(@Woxsen), one of the top-ranked higher education institutions in India that offers undergraduate, master’s and MBA programmes. 

This strategic alliance represents the shared commitment to mitigate the gap between the two countries, promoting intercultural understanding and contributing to a future of business education of excellence.

Therefore, this partnership will focus on mutual initiatives in teaching, research, programme development, and student exchanges between the two schools. 

In addition, a key feature of this partnership is the creation of a dual degree programme within the International MBA framework, providing a platform for students to benefit from the rich, diverse academic and cultural landscapes of both nations.

José Esteves, the Dean of Porto Business School says:

“We are thrilled to partner with Woxsen University, in particular, towards the development of the dual degree programme. This collaboration serves as a transformative bridge connecting continents, cultures, and diverse experiences, symbolizing our dedication to cultivating a global, innovative, and inclusive future for executive education.” 

Kakoli Sen, Dean of the School of Business at Woxsen University says:

“We are excited about the joint programme partnership between Woxsen University and Porto Business School under the newly launched Global Management Track. This exclusive dual degree programme will offer Woxsen students and alumni a unique opportunity to learn at Porto Business School and work on a Capstone Project to develop a global mindset and multicultural skills that will lead to successful careers in a global economy.”

In the long run, this collaboration aims to bring the communities of the two institutions together, while nurturing the connection between Portugal and India.

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