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Sarah bids to become Young Mayor and empower others to overcome barriers

New City College Attlee A Level Academy student Sarah Khanom is bidding to become her borough’s Young Mayor to help young people achieve success and overcome barriers.

Sarah, 17, who studies A Levels in Psychology, English and Sociology at the college in East London, has made it to the top 15 candidates in the contest to become the Young Mayor of Tower Hamlets.

She is passionate about working with young people and building platforms where everyone is empowered to succeed.

Sarah, who hopes to go to university to study social sciences after her A Levels, said:

“I have a vision to create a space where young people feel seen and heard – where they have the power to represent themselves and achieve their goals. I want to work to provide a platform that brings diversity together, accessibility regardless of background and abilities, and employment opportunities so that young people can be inspired to step out of their comfort zone.”

She added: “I am proposing a partnership between schools and youth clubs so that there is a support system in place as well as free enrichment activities to create well-rounded individuals.”

Sarah decided to run for Young Mayor after feeling that teenagers in the area did not really have a voice and they needed to be more involved in decision-making relating to their lives.

She said: “My journey, although a bit bumpy at times, has challenged me to learn the true meaning of resilience as I discovered more and more the challenges and barriers that we, as young people striving for success, often face.

“Initially I was hesitant to apply but I am glad I have done so. I have acquired numerous skills that I didn’t know I had, and during my campaigning I have met some great people who share similar visions to me. I was thrilled when I was shortlisted to the top 15 out of all the candidates who applied – something I never anticipated I would achieve.

“If I am elected, I hope my agenda will lead to empowered young people, improved mental health, and ultimately a progressive society of successful individuals, regardless of background or abilities.”

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