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The University of Buckingham to adopt the world’s leading SaaS ERP with student management 

As the University of Buckingham looks to future-proof its operations for the digital age, it has signed a landmark five-year agreement to move its finance, human resource, payroll and student management applications to TechnologyOne OneEducation, the leading true SaaS solution for the management of students. The move will give the University of Buckingham’s students and staff the ability to access critical services seamlessly, anywhere, at any time, on any device.

The project will leverage the global software vendor’s unique Solution-as-a-Service model, also known as SaaS Plus, saving time and money for the university, who will enjoy the simplicity of a single, annual fee to implement, operate and support the software. OneEducation is the leading true SaaS solution tailored to the UK’s higher education market. 

OneEducation’s student management solution covers every facet of the student lifecycle, and sophisticated corporate systems including Financials and Supply Chain, HR and Payroll, Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Automation and Business Analytics. Cutting-edge data management tools automate, consolidate, transform, and illuminate corporate data as it flows effortlessly between components. The solution also meets stringent security standards.

The University of Buckingham’s Vice Chancellor, Professor James Tooley, said:

“Moving away from on-premise applications to a modern SaaS solution will significantly reduce our risk. It is one of the many innovations allowing us to focus on delivering an exemplary experience for our students, staff and suppliers.”

TechnologyOne UK Executive Vice President, Leo Hanna, said:

“Amid escalating costs, intense competition for students, staffing shortages, and the ever-present cybersecurity threats, we know smart technology plays a pivotal role. As the leading true SaaS provider of these services, we are delighted to see UK institutions turn to TechnologyOne.”

“Our SaaS Plus model provides much-needed budget certainty, while greatly enhancing user experience, delivering real value for money and expediting the delivery of value to these institutions. We are genuinely excited about our partnership with The University of Buckingham as they embark on their ambitious digital transformation.”

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