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Thorburn Group welcomes in-house College training initiative for new recruits

Group of young engineers around a workbench

Assisting organisations in developing their workforce with in-house training is one of the major strengths of the College’s Department of Enterprise and Business Innovation (DEBI).

A growing partnership with the College and one of the country’s largest steel manufacturers is a great example of this, with several employees having recently benefitted from a newly developed MIG Welding course.

The College has been working closely with Thorburn Group, based in Duns, to help develop the skills of their growing workforce, with seven attendees recently taking part in the training initiative, which saw them learn about MIG welding processes through a mix of theory and practical work.

The group focused on areas such as machine set up, health and safety requirements, quality control and, most importantly, how to weld using the MIG process.

Marine and Maritime Assessor and Development Officer Ross Docherty, who delivered the training course, commented:

“As a former employee of Thorburn Group, I realised that there was a need for the company to train new and existing employees on how to weld using the MIG process.

“The company has seen demand for their service increase in recent years and has recruited several school leavers to help move production forward..

“Finding the time to train the new recruits in-house can be challenging due to the fast-paced environment, so Thorburn Group has found it beneficial to have the College provide this training for them, with employees able to develop their skills without leaving the workplace.”

Thorburn Group`s expertise lies within the steel manufacturing industry, particularly the agriculture sector. They are well known throughout the Borders and further afield for their excellent quality of steel erecting of sheds, cattle handling systems and grain-dryer maintenance.

Thorburn Group Health and Safety Manager David Buchan commented:

“Borders College provides a bespoke introduction to welding course to the younger members of the Thorburn Group. The course was organised and delivered with the utmost professionalism by Ross Docherty.

“The attendees thoroughly enjoyed it, feeling they gained some valuable experience which will aid them with their progression within the company. Going forward, the company can work closely with Borders College to provide additional onsite training for the junior members.”

Ross added:

“These new skills will help the trainees develop their understanding and knowledge of working in the steel manufacturing industry and open doors to progressing onto further certification around the fabrication and welding sector.”

The recent course was a great success, with all the trainees passing their tests. Thorburn Group management was delighted with the outcome and has scheduled another training session for their staff in the coming weeks.

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