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UUK response to AI Safety Institute announcement

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The Prime Minister’s announcement of the world’s first AI Safety institute in the UK marks a watershed moment in the artificial intelligence space.

Throughout this week’s AI Safety Summit, discussion has been high on how AI could impact the future world of work. UUK’s latest report delves into the Jobs of the Future, and highlights the views of senior figures and talent acquisition specialists at the UK’s FTSE350 listed companies. The report revealed that 61% of them express a growing need for individuals with keen creative thinking skills in order to fully harness the potential of new AI tools.

Our report also revealed that over half of the respondents believe that in a future where AI plays a larger role in automating white-collar jobs, graduates equipped with critical thinking skills will become even more invaluable to the workforce. Far from roles disappearing in an AI future, the report confirms the need for adaptable, creative, and critically thinking individuals to stay ahead in the age of AI, and the important role universities can play in training individuals with these skills.

Shahid Omer, Director of Policy at Universities UK commented on the launch of the AI Safety Institute:

“We welcome the announcement, which will help to cement the UK’s status as a world-leader in AI research and AI safety. Backed by the world-leading research and innovation of UK universities, this important new Institute can help the UK to further understand and take advantage of AI, in a safe and secure manner.

“UK universities are well placed to explore both the technological and societal impacts of AI. New funding announced earlier this week will also enable our universities to continue to carry out cutting-edge research into AI, boost the UK’s own AI skills base, as well as help attract talented AI researchers from overseas.”

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