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Nick Rashley Appointed New Director for LSC

As a part of a major restructuring plan, the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) are making a number of new appointments. One of these is a new director for the LSC in Lincolnshire and Rutland, Nick Rashley.

Mr. Rashley is replacing Paul Williamson, who has taken up a post at the LSC’s new regional office in Leicester, as director of its new regional learning, planning and performance team. The changes within the LSC aim to enhance the organisation’s ability to deliver for the local individuals, employers and communities it serves, whilst reaffirming its commitment to becoming a new kind of public body.

The LSC is responsible for all post-16 further education in England. This includes the planning and funding of Further Education colleges; school sixth forms; work based training for young people; workforce development; adult and community learning; information, advice and guidance for adults; and business links for the education sector. The changes are meant to be a way of improving the performance of the LSC as well as implementing the aims and objectives set out by the recent White Papers on Further Education.

The Task Ahead

Mr Rashley seems aware of the work cut out for him and feels confident. “It is with a real sense of responsibility and pride that I take on the role of Area Director. It is and will be a challenging time for all of us. The skills and experience of the team are strong and I am confident that the restructuring will further enhance our position as a leading voice for the learning sector across Lincolnshire and Rutland.”

Roger Begy, Chair for the LSC Lincolnshire and Rutland, said: “This is great news for us; with Paul Williamson at the heart of the new regional organisation it will ensure continuity on some of our key priorities such as 14-19 and adult learning. I am very pleased that Nick Rashley is able to take up the area director position. He has earned a great deal of respect from our partners and this continuity will be extremely important as we move forward with an ever changing agenda.”

Sudakshina Mukherjee

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