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NMITE’s Dr Sarah Peers Announced as INWES President

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New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering (NMITE) announces that Dr Sarah Peers, Head of Academic Skills at NMITE, who has been an integral member of the team at NMITE since the pioneer cohort joined in 2021, has been elected as the President of the International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES) for the term 2024-26. Sarah follows in the footsteps of women university leaders, renowned scientists and internationally important engineers who have served as presidents of INWES since 2002.

Sarah Peers says:

“As I take over as the President of INWES, I feel honoured to represent a global network dedicated to promoting gender equality in STEM fields. I am delighted that NMITE is supporting my work with INWES by becoming a member of INWES. I believe strongly that there is much to be learnt from other countries about gender in engineering and science. Of course NMITE has much learning to offer too! INWES will also provide NMITE with an incredible opportunity to connect with international partners, showcase our innovative approaches to engineering education, and, most importantly, to influence gender issues and indeed wider diversity in STEM globally.  Complementing my work with NMITE, I look forward to continuing to drive global awareness of gender issues in STEM, as well as fostering collaboration in pursuit of our mission to build a better world through the full and effective participation of women and girls in STEM.”

INWES, a UNESCO-supported global network with official roles and links with the United Nations’ ECOSOC, UNFCCC and The Commission for the Status of Women, is dedicated to advancing gender equality in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields and fostering the full and effective participation of women and girls in these areas. With members in over 50 countries, representing nearly 250,000 women, and regional networks spanning Africa, Asia and the Pacific Nations, Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa, and Latin America, INWES plays a vital role in promoting diversity and inclusion in the STEM community worldwide, and ensuring the voices of women engineers and scientists are heard at international events.

Sarah’s election as President of INWES is a significant achievement not only for her but also for NMITE. This leadership role will not only strengthen NMITE’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity but also open doors to an international audience.

James Newby, CEO and President, NMITE:

“We are immensely proud of Sarah and her appointment as President of INWES. Sarah has been a brilliant leader and has, through her work building our Academic Skills & Knowhow Centre (ASK), pioneered new approaches to developing in students the academic skills necessary to succeed on a degree level engineering programme. This is important for all students but particularly for those who might not have the academic background normally required by traditional universities. Sarah’s work at NMITE makes it possible for us to accept a more diverse intake of students onto our courses but, more importantly, to ensure they succeed and enjoy their experience once they join. We are especially committed to increasing the numbers of female students as engineering, as a discipline, needs to do much better in becoming a gender balanced profession. INWES provides an exceptional platform to link to other universities and engineering and technology groups around the world, and  Sarah’s presidency will undoubtedly enhance our international reach.  I know she will be a great success..”

This appointment mirrors NMITE’s dedication to promoting diversity in technology and engineering education and its position as a leading institution in the field. As Dr Sarah Peers takes on her new role at INWES, NMITE remains committed to its vision of creating a more inclusive and equitable STEM community, and being part of the global STEM community

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