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Novakid appoints new Teacher Operations Director

Novakid, a leading EdTech company in the ESL-segment providing English classes for children aged between 4 and 14 years old, is pleased to announce the appointment of a seasoned professional Elena Campanella as its new Teacher Operations Director, heading up the team of 60 employees in the department that manages 2,500+ teachers from 20+ countries who currently work with the Novakid ESL platform. 

In her new role, Elena will be responsible for maintaining the provision of best-in-class tutoring by well-trained and highly qualified English teachers. She will be define structural goals for the Teacher Operations department, take over work process optimization, performance management structures and hiring as well as mentorship and guidance for the team.

“Remote edtech companies require special operational structures that take into account the massive interconnectedness between different teams. Teaching staff operations is one of the cornerstones of any online learning company, just as important the Development, Engineering and Content departments are. Managing efficient communication between all parties to provide the best product offering delivery to the customers is challenging. I am looking forward to being a part of this journey with Novakid,” said Campanella.

Elena brings to Novakid her extensive experience in managing intercultural and remote teams in ESL companies as well as strong operational skills and deep knowledge of the field.

Elena has worked in the ESL industry for almost two decades. Prior to joining Novakid. Elena worked for the British Council for over 11 years. First she managed the Examination Services Operations team in South Africa to train, develop and maintain quality standards of English Language Assessors in the  region. Elena then worked with the British Council China for three years, leading a team of Language Assessors on the ground while working on multiple associated  projects.

“Coming from the teaching background, I can share that one of the main challenges teachers have is providing students with enough learning materials so that they can spend time with a teacher and use what they have learnt to continue practicing. I am excited to contribute to Novakid’s unique product offering that has a high level of interactivity, allowing students to practice their English skills in an engaging way,” concluded Campanella.

“We believe that AI-based and machine learning solutions in e-learning for children should be accompanied by high quality immersive guided learning. The combination of both is a cornerstone for a fulfilling, rewarding and effective learning experience for young students. That’s why Novakid concentrates efforts towards smart hiring, life-long learning opportunities, competitive work conditions and well-being of ESL teachers that currently work with the company. We hope that under Elena’s management the Teacher Operations department will continue to effectively respond to the needs of teachers and will be operationally optimized to serve further growth and expansion of Novakid,” said Max Azarov, co-founder and CEO of Novakid.

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