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Top Digital Solutions to Help Graduates Get Hired

Applying for your first job can be an intimidating task. While studying, the working world can seem like a distant illusion that may never truly materialize. Then suddenly, after the university years fly by in what often seems like a whirlwind, the prospect of starting your career quite quickly starts to feel just around the corner. 

This can be a strenuous time for many graduates. Not only due to the uncertainty of choosing which profession to pursue, but also because of the famously competitive nature of the job market. However, luckily for the young job seekers of today, there is now a myriad of digital solutions available to make the job search an easier and more simple process.

Many of these tools have grown in popularity and effectiveness in part due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. With remote working and distance learning drastically on the rise, a large variety of new technologies have been launched to help both employers and employees manage a novel system of working. It’s no surprise then that the world of job searching has undergone similar changes in the way people search and apply for new opportunities. 

Here, we cover the most effective online tools and websites that can help recent graduates make better professional and career decisions, while significantly improving their chances of getting hired. 


ResumeCoach is a resume builder which guides you through every step of the hiring process. Using this tool has been shown to boost the chances of getting interviews by 67%. The site offers a wide library of professionally designed resume templates that can be filled in through a simple step-by-step process, as well as a variety of successful resume examples to draw inspiration from. For young graduates and job hunters who don’t yet have much experience with crafting their own resumes, their expert advice can make it much easier to get started and impress recruiters.


Although this is a well-known site, and most young graduates are likely to have been exposed to it to some degree, it doesn’t make it any less relevant. Not only is LinkedIn an amazing platform to make valuable professional connections and to search for jobs, but many recruiters use it as one of the main points of reference to rank applicants. All in all, there are a variety of ways in which new graduates and students can use LinkedIn to bolster their professional profile and to stand out to prospective employers.   


Another extremely important tool for graduates trying to navigate today’s dynamic job market is Glassdoor. This is one of the most comprehensive job listings databases in the world, which can be extremely helpful for university graduates searching for their first job and simultaneously trying to decide which career path to take. In addition, the site permits current and former employees to anonymously rate the different companies they’ve worked at on numerous relevant metrics. Finding the right next career step is about more than just getting hired, and this site can help job seekers determine which company will be the best cultural and professional fit for them. Furthermore, the platform also offers a helpful salary calculator. Salary negotiation can be a stressful moment for any new hire, let alone when you’re about to start your career, and Knowing your worth can make this much simpler for any young professional. 


Not all university students have a crystal clear idea of what career they want to take, and that’s completely normal. However, when it comes to applying for your first job, it’s important to try and narrow down the possible choices to avoid opportunities passing you by, or worse, career decisions being made on your behalf. Personality tests are an excellent method to help you pick the right career, and CareerExplorer is one of the leading career tests available on the web. By using advanced machine learning models and psychological data, they find the best job matches based on your interests, goals, and personality. Their database only has up-to-date information, and their algorithms are continuously tweaked to provide industry-leading match accuracy. 

HubSpot Sales

For the more enterprising of job seekers, email tracking by HubSpot sales enables you to track whether your application was received or opened. By adding a pixel to every outgoing email, you will be able to know if and exactly when someone opens your message. The tracking continues as long as the email remains in the inbox of the recipient, which means you can continue to receive this information throughout the whole hiring process. When combined with email finder tools, this can help you optimize your outreach efforts when directly contacting recruiters and companies you’ve always dreamed of working for. Just be careful to not overwhelm hiring managers with excessive emailing or contact attempts.

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