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How to make your CV standout for your next Tutor, Trainer, Lecturer or Assessor job, using the power of £s and %s

Gavin O'Meara, FIRP, FCIM, BA (Hons), CEO and Head of Digital, FE Careers and FE News

Are you applying for a new Tutor, Trainer, Lecturer or Assessor job? Want to make your application stand out from the crowd? One easy way to make your application stand out is to quantify your achievements on your CV or application forms. One particularly powerful way is to quantify your achievements in terms of £’s and %’s.

Generated £100,000 in sales, is more powerful than I am good at sales

Saved £250,000 within 6 months through lean management techniques, is more powerful than I managed a team

Improved efficiency by 25%, quantifies your achievements.

…but with these figures, you must be able to back them up and show how you achieved this. Quantifying your achievements with figures, particularly £’s and %’s will make your CV and application forms really stand out to recruiters and hiring officials.

The power of £’s and %’s lets recruiters and HR professionals know what you have achieved in your current and previous roles, it also shows why you are a great candidate as if you have achieved this before – you would hope you should be able to do this again.. or achieve even more.

Quantifying your achievements also creates talking points during your interview, so it is good to be able to explain how these achievements were created so you are ready for your face to face interview or for your pre-qualification telephone interview.

Another tip, is to write up a bunch of your achievements and have a couple ready for your covering note to make the recruiter or hiring offical excited to open your CV (make the covering note achievements short and snappy and making the recruiter hungry to find out more).

Gavin O’Meara, FIRP, FCIM, BA (Hons), CEO and Head of Digital, FE Careers and FE News

Gavin is a Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals and also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He has over 18 years recruitment experience. Gavin launched FE Careers and FE News back in 2003, since then FE Careers has gone on to consistently be the largest specialist job advertising site for the Further Education, Apprenticeship / Work Based Learning and Employability sectors with over 1,250 job adverts live per day with college jobs, independent training providers jobs and a range of vacancies with specialist FE Recruiters. FE Careers has been the digital recruitment channel for the sector for the past 14 years. 

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