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Preventing Apprentice Drop Out: Let’s take action!

Preventing Apprentice Dropout - panel screen shot

#NoLearnerLeftBehind – Welcome to the first @FENews #Livestream in conjunction with @CognAssist 

We all know that learner dropout is a serious issue. Approx 35% of Apprentices drop out. The big question is, how do we prevent apprentices from dropping out?

Your host is Gavin O’Meara, CEO of FE News and your panelists are:

  • Dr. Louise Karwowski, Director of Education, Cognassist,
  • Sally Dicketts, AoC President and CEO Activate Learning, and 
  • Helen Wilson, Science Communication Manager, Cognassist and handbook author of How to Prevent your Apprentices from Dropping out.

The panel explores how recent events have impacted dropout rates of Apprentice completion rates. We explore if non-completion rates are an age old problem and the panel shares successful tactics reduced Apprentice dropout, particularly for learners with Additional Learning Support needs.

The panel then explores the recent updates from the ESFA and the new rules added for August 2021. These are updates from ESFA to Apprenticeship Rules 21-22, the panel in particular focus on the new rules about Additional Learning Support and how the ESFA is discouraging blanket screen learners, which appears counterintuitive.

The panel discuss the new ESFA recommend changes and how this will have an intended knock on effect for learner outcomes and Apprentice drop out rates.

How would the proposed ESFA changes could impact the ability of colleges and ITPs to properly fulfil their legal requirements of the Equalities Act 2010 and how the changes could impact the Ofsted requirement to establish starting points and tailor delivery to all learners?

Check out the livestream with Gavin, Sally, Louise and Helen who explore how to Prevent Apprentice Dropout, particularly with learners with Additional Learning Support needs:


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