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What is APAR? FE Soundbite 696

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Welcome to Soundbite Edition 696! 27th May 2023. What is APAR… forget RoATP and EPAO there is a new acronym in town: Apprenticeship Providers and Assessment Register’ (APAR). FE Soundbite edition 696

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So what do you think about the Apprenticeship Providers and Assessment Register announcement?

Move over RoATP (pronounced row’tap… bit like an 80’s disco move) and the EPAO register, there is a new acronym in town. APAR (I enjoyed shouting it like a parrot in the office earlier this week, it’s fun you should try it)… stands for the Apprenticeship Providers and Assessment Register. APAR replaces RoATP and EPAO registers (which will both merge into APAR).

FE Catch phrase

I have always loved the TV show catch phrase.. I have a weird talent to read Mr Chips mind… would anyone ever be interested in us creating an FE Catchphrase, it could be a sort of Edutainment way for us to all keep up to date with the acronyms? RoATP, EPAO, APAR, APAR (I like saying it)… LSIF there are a lot of acronyms. Can anyone keep to date with it… do we need an FE equivalent of Mr Chips to make sense of it all?

£165M for LSIF

Earlier this week an £165 million fund was launched to transform Local Skills Improvement Fund (LSIF).. see another acronym!

This week was the three year anniversary of George Floyd’s passing, Stella writes a really interesting and powerful article in response: We shouldn’t need catalysts to eradicate racism. My mate Tom Bewick, who announced he was going to be leaving FAB in the autumn revealed that he is moving onto Ecctis… if you haven’t heard of them before, I am sure Tom will soon change all of that! This article about Tom’s next role was one of our most popular this week, so I think Ecctis will be very firmly on your radar very soon.

AI should be part of teacher training courses argues BCS

This is a really interesting article by BCS and Julia Adamson: Understanding AI should be part of teacher training courses and headteachers’ leadership qualifications.

Sarah Hartley, from NOVUS wrote an interesting article around how cultural capital helps plays a significant part in preparing prison learners for their next steps, in custody and on release.

Exclusive thought leadership articles from this week on FE News

We have had nine exclusive thought leadership articles this week:

Caroline Fox wrote about: Ideas for UKSPF People and Skills programmes

Mandy Crawford Lee on The UVAC Agenda – Degree Apprenticeships, Higher Technical Qualifications and the Lifelong Loan Entitlement.

ERSA’s Elizabeth Taylor on Working for better work: Prioritising employers.

Deborah Jenkins on Reducing sexual harm in FE – going beyond safeguarding.

Emma Sanderson from Options Autism wrote about FE and the SEND Review.

Paul Grainger, who is a part of the Think Tank 20 shares his Thoughts on the recent G7

Mariano Kostelec on Future-Proofing Your Workforce: Empowering Employee Upskilling for Competitive Advantage

ETF’s Cerian Ayres writes about Sense, Sensibility and Accountability in Apprenticeships.


Did you see Reel 2 this week, with our friends at Cognassist – Reel #2: The Turning Point for Learner Neuro-inclusion.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy FE Soundbite this week and if you are chilling in the sun or need to listen to our new FE News on the go when you are getting the BBQ ready… I hope you enjoy FE Soundbite this week!

Kind regards

Gavin O’Meara

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