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Why it is important to research the organisation and the individual who is interviewing you

Interview Preparation Tips.

There are a few things you can do to help prepare yourself before you walk into a job interview. The preparation you put in before a job interview is vitally important in giving yourself an edge over other candidates and impressing your future employer.

Research the person you are being interviewed by – Understanding the person you are sat in front of will help you with your pitch. How long have they been in their role? How did they get there? Have you worked for the same College before? All of these points can be excellent relationship builders.

Any easy way to research the person who is going to be interviewing you is to connect with them via LinkedIn, this way you can have a look at their background and proactively connect with them prior to the interview.

It is also important to look into the organisation to be able to intelligently approach the interview:

Understand who the key players in the College are – Knowledge is power and understanding who you need to impress when you walk in to an organisation is important. How is the college operating under the new leadership? I understand the new principal XXX has joined from a grade 1 college…

Mair Price, Senior Recruitment Consultant from Protocol

About Protocol: Protocol is the leading supplier of flexible staffing solutions and HR outsourcing to the FE Sector.   Recruiting visiting lecturers, Permanent academic staff, Interim Managers and Senior Executives and non academic support staff.

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