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How to amplify maths more and celebrate the wins

The Schools Show with Sammy White – @WeAreJoyFM #EveryoneInEducation 

SJ covered for Daren this week on the schools show and was joined by James from

They got their maths geek on talking about the challenges of teaching maths and how Maths Kitchen can help.

With great input from the live audience they discussed how to amplify maths more and celebrate the wins

#EveryoneInEducation – @WeAreJoyFM aim to amplify all voices in education including students, non teaching roles, teachers and lecturers 

Welcome to Joy FM.

A place for everyone in education, be you support, academic, or bus driver, all are welcome, regardless of sector.

Hoping to connect everyone in education through meaningful conversations to promote and inspire joy in education.

JoyFM is a radio station formed around the hashtag “Everyone In Education”

JoyFM have an FE show Live on Wednesdays 7pm-8pm.

The show is hosted by the ‘and college’s crew’ with a variety of hosts and guests. 

All our shows are available as a podcast after as well. 

Recent shows have been around the importance of CPD and how to be creative in the FE classroom.

We are keen to hear from you too, and you can apply to be a guest or a guest host.

Come join the conversation with #EveryoneInEducation.

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