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Qualifications reform in Northern Ireland — What next?

In the latest episode of #SkillsWorld, Tom Bewick, visits Northern Ireland.

He interviews Martin Flynn, chef executive officer, OCN Northern Ireland; and Chair of FAB’s Forum in Northern Ireland.

“What we’re finding is that a lot of awarding bodies are withdrawing their presence and qualifications from the market in Northern Ireland.”

“We need to ensure that there is no market failure in technical, vocational qualifications in Northern Ireland.”

Martin Flynn pointed out that reforms and potential changes to technical education in England are having an adverse impact on the availability of professional qualifications in Northern Ireland. He cited the hospitality apprenticeship as one example of where a number of awarding organisations had initially been interested in developing the qualification for accreditation by the qualifications regulator, CCEA, but had subsequently pulled out.

Listen to this podcast to learn about what practical steps the awarding bodies, CCEA and government departments are taking to ensure a healthy marketplace for qualifications in Northern Ireland. Tom also discussed with Martin what a Northern Ireland skills strategy might look like.

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