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Diversity in FE, what can be done about it? #SkillsWorldLive 2.12

Diversity in FE, what can be done about it?

On #SkillsWorldLive tonight, guests include: Kirsti Lord | Calvin Robinson | Shola West | Robin Landman | Frank Douglas | Safaraz Ali | David Russell discussing: Diversity in FE, what can be done about it? 

#SkillsWorldLive 2.12: Thursday 10th December 2020

Presented by the Chief Executive of the Federation of @AwardingBodies, Tom Bewick, #SkillsWorldLive is a new radio show that builds on the popular #SkillsWorld podcast series, where Tom interviews leading figures shaping the post-compulsory education and skills systems, including apprenticeships in the UK, and across the world.

Tonight’s Guests:

  • Kirsti Lord – Deputy Chief Executive – Member Services at Association of Colleges
  • Calvin Robinson – Senior Fellow at Policy Exchange
  • Shola West – B2B Marketer, WhiteHat & Founder of Youth Unlocked Podcast
  • Robin Landman – Executive Team Member, Black FE Leadership Group Governor
  • Frank Douglas – Non-Executive Director of the City and Guilds Group
  • Safaraz Ali – Chief Executive Officer at Pathway Group
  • David Russell – Chief Executive Officer at Education and Training Foundation
We are looking for industry experts to get involved with the debate, and to offer their views, advice and recommendations to help support the education sector at this time of disruption and change.
If you are keen to get involved, or you know others that are, please let us know, and send your questions and comments to:

Please let us know if there is an important topic you would like to debate that we haven’t included yet!

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