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The Open University and Pagabo release new construction podcast series

NATIONAL framework provider Pagabo has released a special eight-part podcast series all about The Construction Playbook, created in partnership with The Open University (@OpenUniversity).

The partnership formed between the organisations was established through a shared passion for advancing education and offering a new way to learn about an industry sometimes criticised for being behind the times.

As a principal business leading the way in championing the gold standard in procurement, Pagabo gathered key members from its parent organisation The 55 Group and business ecosystem to shed light on how implementation of the government’s Construction Playbook has been adopted over the year since its release in December 2020.

The episodes focus on a variety of topics including contract management and supply chain, modern methods of construction, health and wellbeing, and social value.

Podcast host Gerard Toplass of Pagabo said:

“We’re really excited to see the Construction Playbook podcast released after working hard to create a valuable series with exclusive insights from some of the industry’s leading businesses. It was an enjoyable experience hosting the show and once again exemplified the benefits of industry collaboration. Together we can always achieve more.

“The podcast is part of our initiative The Future of Construction, which brings together partners from across the industry that are united by raising standards and ensuring the next generation exceed the feats achieved by present professionals. Having said that, the podcast is accessible for both active and aspiring construction professionals with insights not limited to a certain job role or seniority.

“Across the eight episodes I am joined by 17 different guests from major contractors, consultancies, digital solutions providers and data specialists. This helped provide unique perspective on some of the most important industry issues and opportunities, as well as giving me a few new ideas along the way.”

The largest university in the UK by number of students, The Open University supported Pagabo in creating the series by sharing experience and best practice on delivering virtual training through a podcast platform. Consequently, an important relationship was established between the likeminded organisations that share a desire to develop remote learning and increasing access to opportunity.

Simon Tindall, new business director at The Open University, said:

“This is an exciting opportunity for the university to demonstrate our learning approach and expertise, working with Pagabo to develop truly engaging content to build knowledge around best practice within the construction industry.”

The full list of episodes includes:

  • Contract management and supply chain
  • Early engagement and collaboration
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Modern methods of construction (MMC)
  • Social value
  • Technology and innovation
  • Training
  • Value toolkit

Gerard continued: “To provide optimum opportunity to learn about the construction industry, the different talking points aim to delve into the detail of emerging concepts as well as those well-established – and how they and the Construction Playbook coordinate to building a better future. While each episode focuses on a particular topic, the discussions show the great overlap between these elements and how they all impact each other and work together.

“By bringing together forward-thinking individuals we’re provided a platform to consider things in a different light and hear more about the latest industry thinking, projects and creations.”

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