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1 in 10 students face homelessness due to lack of affordable accommodation says national survey

11% of current students have found themselves without a place to live during their studies according to Student Beans’ Housing Insecurity Report.

Surveying 3,000 university students in October 2022, the report looks at how housing insecurity (the struggle to find a permanent place to live) affects students amidst the COL and student housing crisis. It found:

  • Third of students admit to facing housing insecurity during university
  • 33% of those who faced housing insecurity say the university didn’t do enough to support them, despite being aware of their situation
  • Those who stayed in or were offered uni accommodation said:
    • The uni left is very last minute to confirm their accommodation (13%)
    • Their accommodation went up in price after choosing it (10%)
    • The accommodation they were given was at least an hour’s commute away

As part of its latest campaign, Student Beans is petitioning for the government to extend the Cost of Living Payments to all students in higher education, to help them access a more stable education. 

We also have a supporting campaign video which features some real life accounts from students who are experiencing housing insecurity.

‘’I have spoken to someone who’s living in a squat because that’s how desperate it is at the moment’ one student said, whilst two others referenced friends who have been forced to couch-surf to get by.

Whilst some universities like Warwick and Birmingham have started rolling out cost of living support schemes, 70% of students say it’s the government’s responsibility to support them (just 19% said the onus is on universities), which is why Student Beans is calling on the government for change.

Student Beans’ Chief Strategy Officer, Will Harris said:

‘Students have consistently been left out of decisions and announcements made by the government and it’s time they acknowledge that those in higher education need better support’

Bodies like student finance allocated their means-tested handouts earlier in the year, unable to predict the true crisis students are currently facing. The government has a responsibility to support our young people, just as they are pledging to support other vulnerable groups in the UK.

Mike Eder, CEO and Co-Founder of Student Beans said:

‘‘Students should feel empowered to thrive, but that’s impossible for many given the current circumstances. We urge the government to step up and support those who will go on to shape the future.’

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