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Apple enterprise management expert announces launch of new Safe Internet function for students

It is vital that we provide educators with the most effective and intuitive tools we can in order to help them be the most efficient they can be for their students. Edtech solutions can be very useful in achieving this. However, alongside the increased use of technology in educational spaces, there also comes an increased risk of security and privacy concerns. With this in mind, Jamf, the standard in Apple Enterprise Management, has announced the launch of Jamf Safe Internet, which will be available this summer.

To provide some context, Jamf are known for creating a software platform that aims to make teaching and learning simpler and more effective. They help schools deliver an active learning environment to everyone with iPad, Mac and Apple TV devices. The software integrates seamlessly with Apple School Manager, improving Apple deployment and management workflows, including functions such as SIS integration, device setup, shared iPad capabilities and classroom management.

There are four separate functions within the Jamf Education branch: Jamf Teacher, Jamf Parent, Jamf Student and Jamf Assessment. Each is carefully curated to include functions that assist with a role within the education journey. Jamf teacher looks to help teachers manage their class and lessons while keeping students focused, Jamf Parents allows parents to manage the apps and websites their students may access, and the Jamf Student function gives students restricted permissions over their own devices. Jamf Assessment provides remote proctoring of high-stakes web-based assessment exams with proper oversight — from remote locations. It meets security requirements and is compatible with all modern video conferencing platforms.

Now, Jamf has gone one step further with the launch of a new function, Jamf Safe Internet, with which they are simply aiming to provide powerful and safe learning with Apple devices.

Jamf Safe Internet combines content filtering and network threat prevention features that block unsafe content and malicious attacks so students can learn safely anywhere. This includes protecting against malware and phishing attacks. Jamf Safe Internet is driven from a vast content-filtering database and includes lightweight technology to filter results without invading student privacy and without sacrificing the learning experience that Apple devices provide.

Jamf Safe Internet will be available for macOS and iOS this summer.

Jamf, the standard in Apple Enterprise Management, extends the legendary Apple experience people love to businesses, schools and government organisations through its software and the world’s largest online community of admins focused exclusively on Apple, Jamf Nation.

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