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Lord Mandelson sets out support for informal learning

Lord Mandelson, Secretary of State for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, has outlined the Government’s support for informal learning.

Addressing The Learning Revolution Expo, which celebrates informal adult learning, Lord Mandelson told how the Government was investing heavily in skills to place knowledge and learning at the heart of Britain.

He said: "We all go through the formal learning system, but much of the most important learning we do in our life is often informal, through work, through social networks or self-education. And this kind of learning is vital because it’s how we learn new skills and develop new perspectives. It can be a stepping stone towards formal education or towards a new job.

"That’s why we published the Learning Revolution White Paper in March. It sets out how Government and a range of partners will create a new and radical movement for informal learning. This movement, The Learning Revolution, will support the groundswell of people and communities who are already keen to learn and bring in many more people into learning – some for the first time."

The Learning Revolution Expo, a month-long festival, launched yesterday, and will see hundreds of open events demonstrating the true variety of learning.

Lord Mandelson continued: "Already, over 1,600 organisations employing thousands of people have seen the value of signing The Learning Pledge, a commitment to foster a learning culture. My Department, for its part, is investing £30m in The Learning Revolution this year. £20m of which is funding hundreds of innovative informal learning projects. Many of these will target disadvantaged communities."

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