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Rise in Vocational Education and FE Helps Lincoln Student to Succeed

A lack of qualifications is still common amongst young people leaving compulsory education despite vocal opinions that examinations have become easier allowing more young people to obtain qualifications.

The rise in vocational education and training opportunities aimed at young people and adults to improve skills has proved extremely successful, particularly for those who failed to receive compulsory education first time round or found compulsory education unsuitable for their learning needs.

Determined to Succeed

20 year old Faye Dalton is one of these success stories. Illness was the reason for Faye’s premature departure from compulsory education. However, Faye was determined to return to education and, in 2004, she embarked on an English Level 2 course with Lincoln College. Though Faye enrolled partway through the course, in fact it was a few weeks prior to the course examinations, she received the full support and encouragement of her tutor. Her tutor’s backing gave her with the confidence to undertake the course and the course examinations, which Faye successfully passed.

Speaking about the English course she embarked upon at Lincoln College, Faye commented: “My tutor, Peter Graham, has been the best tutor I have ever had. He has given me the support and guidance I needed to have the confidence in myself again. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the group as I became quite isolated throughout my illness. I am really pleased to have achieved the qualifications to date and plan to continue in my studies.”

This boost in confidence has enabled Faye to pursue other qualifications, including studying for the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) and Mathematics at Level 2 whilst also working in the family business. Tutor Peter Graham commented: “Faye has worked hard to achieve and has proven to be a star student.”

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