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Caring BMet student’s sky diving for a leading charity that “saved his brother’s life”

A kind-hearted engineering student at BMet College is doing a sky dive to raise money for the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, which helped save his brother’s life.

Keaton, from BMet’s James Watt College, is hoping that donations will continue to soar for the leading regional charity when he does his heroic jump this September.

He has chosen to fundraise for the non-Government funded Midlands Air Ambulance, as his brother Callum, was hit by a car, resulting in him being seriously injured and needing urgent lifesaving treatment.

Speaking of the challenging experience, Keaton said: “The air ambulance and their crew were one of the first people to save my brother’s life, without their quick response there is a good chance he would not be with us today.

“I’m so happy that I am able to do this, as I have a personal connection with this wonderful charity and hold it close to my heart!”

After being treated at the scene by the paramedics and the on-board MERIT trauma doctor, Callum was swiftly taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Ventilated upon arrival, he was kept in a coma.
It was discovered he had suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, amongst other less severe injuries.

The outcome for Callum was uncertain and it was not known whether he would be able to survive his injuries or the extent he would recover. He underwent surgery to remove part of his skull and to allow the brain to swell, remained in a coma for 10 days.

Thankfully Callum’s outcome was positive. He continued to make gradual progress and after what felt like a lifetime to his brother and family, he was eventually able to return home.

Keaton added: “Callum is one of the lucky ones that managed to make a near full recovery, but my family and I are the truly lucky ones, as we got to keep him here with us.

“Without the response of the air ambulance that day, things could be very different now! That one day changed all our lives in a split second, but we are very aware of how different things would have been, had the air ambulance not been able to come to Callum’s aid.

“Though a bit nervous, I will have a trained professional by my side when I perform my skydive.
We are really thankful to the generosity of people who have donated so far and are hoping that we can continue to increase the target!”

Staff and students at BMet are very supportive of his brave and self-less personal challenge and desire to raise much needed funds for the independent charity.

Speaking of his upcoming heroic endeavour, his engineering teacher, Jennifer Hughes said: “I and students in his class are so very proud of Keaton and his kind gesture, for a great cause.

“On top of this, Keaton is a motivated learner who is confident and tenacious. He always tries to make people smile, he is a pleasure to have in the class and should be achieving a distinction overall.”

Department Manager for Engineering at James Watt College, Ahmed Hussain added: “This is truly fantastic news for a very special student, who has chosen to do such a fantastic and heart-felt thing!

“I wish him the best. Not only is Keaton a resilient, hardworking, approachable, considerate and articulate student, but he is someone who always strives for the best and I think he will achieve all he wants in life.”

If you want to help raise much-needed funds for the charity that helped save his brother’s life, please donate to his Just Giving page.

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