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Free new tool for UK teachers to check student literacy levels

Free new tool for UK teachers to check student literacy levels

LiteracyPlanet has released a brand-new tool within their platform called Literacy Check that allows teachers worldwide to identify literacy levels of their students and track them throughout their school year – and it’s free! 

Teachers can quickly and easily use LiteracyPlanet’s fun and engaging activities to check each student’s literacy skills, in a clear and actionable report, across the different literacy strands including spelling, grammar, phonics, sight words and comprehension.  

Tom Richardson, CEO, LiteracyPlanet said that the new development aligns with their vision to support teachers in their assessments, improve student literacy rates and provide access to education tools for youth everywhere. 

“We know quality learning needs measurement and to deliver a quality literacy program we need to analyse, anticipate and assess learning outcomes.  

“This new feature will be an important tool for teachers across the year to gauge improvements for their students.” 

To access Literacy Check, teachers create a free LiteracyPlanet Starter account and follow the set-up instructions. In only a few clicks, they will have a unique code to share with students who log in and begin tasks to assess their literacy levels. Depending on the year level and number of strands chosen to test, students are automatically assigned a range of fun missions to complete that engage their learning and assess their proficiency.  

Once a check is completed, the platform generates a report for teachers so they can identify the learning areas applicable for each individual student. Teachers can view student results in real-time via their dashboard, assign tasks, set personalised pathways based on individual learning levels and set new Literacy Checks at any time.  

“We’re really excited to be able to provide this tool to all schools free of charge right around the globe,” declared Mr Richardson, “Not only are we providing Literacy Check for free, but we are now offering LiteracyPlanet Starter which is a free version of our platform.” 

“We can’t wait to offer thousands of learning games, content and resources to young people and watch them check and improve their literacy skills, in a fun and inspiring way.” 

After the initial launch of Literacy Check, 2,654 students have already set up their account, with 454 checks completed.  

LiteracyPlanet is encouraging teachers to register students for a free Literacy Check before the end of the year, so they can learn how it works and get ready to kick-start 2023 for Term 2.  

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