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Kortext highest-scoring supplier on SUPC Framework for eTextbooks

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Kortext has been named again as the highest scorer for eTextbook supply under the new Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC) Framework Agreement covering the supply of content and services to universities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland from January 2022.

Kortext supplies over 100 universities across the UK with digital learning resources and this award recognises the range of products and services that Kortext has developed to support student learning, enhance access and improve outcomes, as more universities move towards a blended delivery model for learning.

Through various models, Kortext can supply any university’s requirements on eTextbooks and other library resources and has the largest range of learning content available in the UK to support online course delivery and independent student study. 

A trusted supplier

Kevin Watt, Director Academic Engagement (EMEA) at Kortext, said: 

“We’re delighted to be named on the SUPC Framework again and are proud to be able to continue supporting higher education institutions across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland with their digital learning resources meaning students can access their required learning materials anytime, anywhere” 

“Our expertise in this area means we’re well-positioned to work with universities to help them develop their digital strategies and capability and ensure that they can support the needs of all their students. Kortext has a track record of delivering value for member institutions through the framework and has become a trusted supplier that universities can select with confidence.”

Gavin Phillips, SUPC Category Manager for Academic Services, said:

 “This agreement is critical in helping UK universities and colleges meet the growing demand for digital resources today, while also ensuring scope to meet the needs of the sector over the coming years. 

“Blending elements of the best acquisitions portals and e-book reader platforms, this framework sets the same gold standards across both e-textbook and established aggregator lots to ensure universities and colleges deliver high-quality resources to staff and students.” 

For more information, universities can view the Buyer’s Guide on the HE Contracts Database from 4th January 2022 when the agreement goes live.

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