Statistical information in a range of different topic areas is now available in one place.

Ofqual has today (25 May) launched a new interactive visualisation which brings together main trends from official statistical publications in one place.

The interactive tool, drawn from Ofqual’s statistical releases, covers GCSEs, AS and A levels and allows users to explore the main statistical trends over the past few years.

The purpose of the visualisation is to provide an overview of key statistics. Users are able to explore statistical information in a range of different topic areas including: number of appeals, certificates, entries and malpractice offences/penalties. Some breakdowns by exam board and centre type are also available.

The question and answer section alongside the tool provides background context on the statistics presented in the tool, including differences between the number of candidates, the number of certificates, and the number of entries. However, more contextual information may be required to understand each set of figures. This information can be found in our official statistics releases.

To view the Summary Statistics interactive visualisation, visit the Ofqual Analytics page.

Published 24 May 2021