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Special Upskill Day: The Secrets of Japanese Food and Ingredients

students with bags

A very special day planned – and a fantastic Culinary Journey with the support of The Japanese Embassy

We can invite 10 colleges to be live with us – but there are so many Great lecturers that are so Passionate and inspirational – it does upset me I cannot invite you all

So we have access for 1,000 plus students to join us on line and 2 weeks before the event – we will share all the recipes – and on the day we can accept questions

The lecturers / students can cook live and have a fantastic experience

We have some extremely talented Chefs involved to start with Chef Akemi – what is Umami – fermentation – Kombu – Power of Koji

Cooking Salt – sweet – bitter – Sushi – what is Wagyu – Adam Smith Desserts and our very special Guest – Benoit Blin – and Japanese Wine matches from Hallgarten Wines

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