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Starrett ensures students have the best tools for the job

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Having the best tools for the job can help our students achieve better results and a higher level of quality in their work.

@BordersCollege recently welcomed Jedburgh-based tool manufacturer Starrett to the Scottish Borders Campus to showcase their range of precision tools to staff and students.

Starrett employees Kevin Amos and Graham Munro visited the construction department for a tool demo day to promote awareness of the brand and showcase the fantastic products produced by the company.

The session allowed the students to see first-hand the benefits of using high-quality products in their practical studies.

Following the visit, Starrett kindly offered to provide the department with some tools.

Curriculum & Learning Manager for Sustainable Construction, Greg Steel, commented:

“Starrett set the standard for fine precision tools, and they have some fantastic products in their range which the students can benefit from. It was great to have Keith and Graham talk with the group about what they can offer. We would like to thank Starrett for providing the tools.”

The College’s Hospitality also benefitted from the company’s generosity, with a recent visit from Starrett’s Graham Munro and Stacey Ballantyne, who presented the students with a range of professional kitchen knives. 

Starrett launched the range of professional knives in the UK in May 2021, specifically targeted at the professional meat processor and butcher. The high-quality blades will allow for quick and safe preparation work in the kitchen.

Curriculum & Learning Manager for Hospitality, Veronica Blackwood, said:

“Our students are delighted to have the opportunity to work with high-quality tools which will help improve their knife skills and prepare them for working in the hospitality industry. We would like to thank Stacey, Graham and the Starrett group for their generosity.”

Established in Jedburgh, Scotland in 1958, Starrett is proud to supply manufacturers and tradesmen who rely on the industry’s best tools, those of the highest standard of precision and quality.

With strict quality control, state-of-the-art equipment, and an ongoing commitment to R&D, the 5,000+ products in today’s Starrett line continue to be the most accurate, robust, and durable tools available.

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