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Student Roost offers a preview of its new Nottingham Student Quarter

CGI of the new Egg Room at Deakins Place student accommodation in Nottingham, showing chairs around communal tables in a relaxed and stylish space with lots of natural light.
  • Student Roost has released new CGI images of the new Nottingham Student Quarter, off Midland Way and St Peter’s Street
  • Nottingham Student Quarter will form one of the largest student villages in the city, with 1,797 students calling it home
  • The Quarter comprises of current accommodation, Nottingham Two, where social spaces and many flats are getting a makeover, and brand-new property Deakins Place
  • Work is expected to be completed later this year in time for Autumn 2022

Leading student accommodation provider, Student Roost, has released images of what its latest property in Nottingham will look like.

The CGI images of the Deakins Place development, which forms part of a new Nottingham Student Quarter, show various places for students to study, socialise and exercise.

One of the social spaces in the new Deakins Place development in Nottingham

Deakins Place is close to the University of Nottingham’s Jubilee campus and next to established accommodation Nottingham Two, which is also run by Student Roost. The company is using the new property to create the Nottingham Student Quarter on the West side of the city, with newly-landscaped courtyard areas between and around the buildings.

The images of Deakins Place show a gym and yoga studio, TV lounges, quiet study rooms, and a hosting kitchen. In other Student Roost properties across the UK with hosting kitchens, local restaurants and chefs have been invited to run free classes or cooking demonstrations as a way of celebrating local businesses and teaching residents new culinary skills.

A CGI of what the new yoga room will look like
A CGI of a shared flat kitchen at Deakins Place

It’s not just Deakins Place that will be new, because Student Roost is also taking the opportunity to fully refurbish all the social, study and leisure spaces and many of the flats in Nottingham Two, making sure it keeps up with its new younger sister.

The CGI images of Nottingham Two show new lounge and study spaces, a more welcoming reception area, and plans for refurbishing rooms and shared kitchens inside flats.

CGI of the new study lounge at Nottingham Two

Deakins Place is the latest Student Roost property in Nottingham. In January 2022, residents moved into Student Roost’s York House property in the city centre. Adjacent to the Nottingham Trent University campus, and with rooms for 472 students, the new accommodation features a high-end gym, luxury courtyards, games lounges and study spaces.

When Deakins Place completes the Nottingham Student Quarter development later this year, Student Roost will provide homes for over 3,100 students across the city.

Jason Andrews, Director of Operations at Student Roost, said:

“We’re really excited to share these new photos of what the Nottingham Student Quarter will look like, with a brand-new building in Deakins Place, but also major investment in its sister property, Nottingham Two.
“We’re proud of the strong relationships we’ve built with the universities in the city, and that so many Nottingham students choose us for their home during their studies.”

Deakins Place is expected to open by the start of the 2022/23 academic year, with the works in Nottingham Two expected to be completed by the end of August this year.

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