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Swing Education Surpasses One Million Hours of Classroom Substitute Teaching

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Swing, an education-focused staffing marketplace that matches schools with qualified substitute teachers, passed one million in-person substitute teaching hours for the 2022-23 school year.

Swing wins “Best in Business” award for “Human Capital Management” solution for its new approach to substitute classroom teaching recruitment and placement. 

Substitute teachers sourced via Swing Education, a tech-enabled staffing marketplace that matches schools with qualified substitute teachers,  have filled more than one million hours of classroom instruction in the 2022-23 school year. 

Though Swing has been helping schools fill classroom vacancies since 2015, this is the first time the company has crossed the one million instructional hour mark in a single school year. 

“We never had an explicit goal to reach a million teaching hours, but knew we were going to get there and it kind of snuck up on us, to be honest,” said Mike Teng, CEO of Swing Education. “Reaching this number is significant and it feels extraordinary, especially as it lands during teacher appreciation week, which is this week. It also validates the real service we’re providing to schools and students since having a stable pool of substitutes is critical for maintaining instructional consistency and quality.”

Putting the million milestone into perspective, a baby born on the first hour of the first substitute day filled by Swing this school year, would be planning their 119th birthday if they lived every hour of Swing-enabled classroom instruction.  

Swing, which connects schools and districts with classroom-ready substitute teachers via their online platform and mobile app, is already changing the way schools fill classroom vacancies as well as the way interested professionals can serve their communities in these rewarding roles.

“On our platform, finding a good substitute is fast and easy, whether the opening is planned or unexpected,” said Teng. “And on the other side, finding and accepting temporary teaching gigs is as easy as ordering food delivery on a mobile phone. That’s the unified experience we are building. And it’s gratifying to see it working at such a scale.”

With parts of the country in an acute teacher shortage, simplifying and accelerating the substitute teacher placement process is an important part of ensuring classroom stability and success as well as teacher well-being.

Swing is unique in how it manages the substitute recruitment and management process. Prospective substitute teachers are guided through the registration pathway for their state. Swing’s assisted pathway model means that in some states, qualified applicants can go from curious to the classroom in just two weeks.

Swing also pays substitute teachers for their work every Friday. This offers substitute teachers seamless and immediate access to open positions and consistent compensation while serving their communities through teaching.

The company also announced that its education marketplace innovation was recently recognized and honored with a Silver Stevie Award for Best in Business Solutions in Human Capital Management.  

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