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Training Link Join AAT’s Pilot Scheme For The New Syllabus

Award-winning AAT online learning provider Training Link today welcomed their first cohort of students on the new AAT syllabus.

Training Link are an award-winning AAT and ICB online learning provider.

‘Quals 22’ is the first syllabus overhaul since 2016 and will be available nationwide from September. But after joining AAT’s pilot scheme, Training Link are already working with students.

Training Link’s Gary Hupston said:

“We’ve helped thousands of students with the 2016 syllabus and we’re excited to be one of the first training providers to offer Quals 22.”

“Our academic team spent most of the last two years writing, proofing, checking, and improving our course material for the new syllabus. We were ready in January and we’ve been champing at the bit to welcome our first students. So it’s wonderful to be one of only two distance learning providers to be working with AAT on this pilot study.”

Gary Hupston receiving AAT’s Best New Training Provider award in 2018

This pilot is limited to ten students, and each one has agreed to work towards taking at least two exams by the end of August. Training Link are carefully monitoring progress with a focus on obtaining as much student feedback as possible.

“We have a constant cycle of writing, proofing, and improvement. That never stops. But as much as we scrutinise each chapter, activity, and example- the only thing that matters is how students respond to the material.

And it’s a great opportunity to make sure that our AAT quals 22 course material have been thoroughly road-tested by the people that matter- students.”

Sarah King was one of the first to enrol on Training Link’s pilot scheme and she said:

“I feel very privileged to have secured a place on the pilot scheme. When the new AAT syllabus pilot was mentioned I was certain this had my name all over it. I’m looking forward to getting my pencils out and exercising the grey matter again!”

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