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Turnitin honored with three awards in one month from 1EdTech (IMS Global), EdTech Breakthrough, and Tech & Learning

Turnitin honored with 3 awards in 1 month

In June, Turnitin edtech solutions were named to 1EdTech’s (IMS Global) Learning Impact Awards, EdTech Breakthrough’s Classroom Tech Solution of the Year, and Tech & Learning’s Best of Show at ISTELive 2022

Edtech provider Turnitin was celebrated in three independent awards programs for its assessment solution Gradescope by Turnitin and writing solution Turnitin Draft Coach

Gradescope by Turnitin

Gradescope by Turnitin is best known for helping educators cut grading time in half, as AI compiles similar responses together for the educator to grade in groups rather than as individual responses. The software works for all learning environments (in-person, hybrid and remote), all subject areas, and all answer types (including handwritten responses). Features like dynamic rubrics and hiding student identifiers, help maintain fair evaluation. Gradescope recently released its mobile application on the App Store and Google Play for students to submit their assignments via smartphones. To date, 700 million questions have been graded through the platform. Globally, more than 140,000 educators and 3.2 million students from 2,600 institutions have used Gradescope to maximize learning from assessments.

1EdTech’s (IMS Global) 2022 Learning Impact Awards recognized “innovations [that] combat COVID learning loss.” 1EdTech awarded Gradescope with an Honorable Mention for its work with the University of Leeds in helping accomplish the university’s ‘Digital by Default’ strategy. The University of Leeds piloted Gradescope in January 2020 to deliver assessment online, with university-wide adoption planned over 2 years. When the pandemic moved learning remote in March 2020, the need for Gradescope became critical, and full adoption took place in just 2 months. At the University of Leeds, more than 3,000 educators and 15,000 students continue to use Gradescope for modernized assessment administration, even with the return to campus.

Turnitin Draft Coach

Turnitin Draft Coach helps students to pre-check their work before submission and strengthen their academic integrity and research skills. As a digital writing coach, Draft Coach not only identifies writing issues, but also provides detailed, corrective guidance on: 1) text-similarity; 2) citations in APA, Chicago, and MLA formats; and 3) foundational grammar, mechanics, usage, and structure. Using AI, Draft Coach can quickly identify citation and grammar issues across large bodies of work. Draft Coach is available as a Google Docs add-on and—recently announced by Turnitin—on Microsoft Word for the web. To date, students have checked their drafts 4.7 million times in Draft Coach. 

Because of these features, EdTech Breakthrough awarded Turnitin Draft Coach Next-Gen Schools’  Classroom Tech Solution of the Year. This year’s EdTech Breakthrough program drew in more than 2,250 nominations from 18 countries. EdTech Breakthrough managing director James Johnson stated, “As EdTechs continue to deliver breakthrough solutions such as remote and hybrid learning platforms, student engagement solutions, in-demand skills training and more, we are thrilled to recognize the innovators and leaders driving the global digital transformation of the education industry.”

At ISTELive 22 in New Orleans, Tech & Learning named Turnitin Draft Coach to its Best of Show list. Tech & Learning content director Christine Weiser explained, “Our judges chose the following winners as examples of excellence in terms of value, quality, ease of use, and versatility.” 

Gratitude from Turnitin Chief Product Officer

Turnitin Chief Product Officer Annie Chechitelli spoke at both the ISTE EdTech Industry Network Summit and the 1EdTech (IMS Global) Learning Impact Conference in June, providing insights on the state of academic integrity and the growing role of technology, including AI, in education. 

“While on paper, the awards are titled to Turnitin, these awards are also dedicated to the universities, educators, and students who continually use, champion, and give critical feedback on our tools,” said Chechitelli. “Our strong client relationships and collaboration allow Turnitin to continue providing top-of-the-line edtech solutions. We are grateful for the recognition and excited to share even more innovations that improve learning outcomes.”

Join Gradescope by Turnitin and Turnitin Draft Coach.

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