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UAL Awarding Body launches new podcast

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UAL Awarding Body are pleased to announce the release of a new podcast series, Teach Inspire Create. Following on from a successful programme of online events for creative educators, this podcast will delve deeper into the three main themes of teaching, inspiring and creating.  

The first series launches in February 2022 and will include weekly interview-style episodes with industry guests from across the UAL subject areas of Art and Design, Creative Media, Performing and Production Arts, Fashion Business and Music Performance and Production.  

Hosted by Matt Moseley – Chief Examiner of Art and Design at UAL Awarding Body, each conversation will explore the guests’ different experiences and values, and how these might influence diverse ways of teaching. Through stimulating conversation, we hope to inspire your inner student and lead you to create new pathways of exploration in your and your student’s creative practice.  

Episodes in this series:  

  1. Female leadership and the power of advertising in driving change, with Rosie Arnold  
  2. The value of an open mindset, with Opera vocalist with Rob Gildon 
  3. How can teachers support wellbeing in creative education? With Art-psychotherapist, Sue Hamilton-White  
  4. Leading the way in accessibility for performing arts, with Jamie Beddard 
  5. Understanding the role of sustainability in fashion design and business, with Nina Stevenson  
  6. Does education prepare students for the music industry? With Jesse Quin  
  7. The importance of cultural diversity in the arts, with Karina H Maynard  
  8. Emotional storytelling and visualising the ephemeral, with illustrator Annabel Dover  

Each week our guests will give a ‘provocation’ that aims to disrupt and challenge your thinking. This is yours to use, explore and create with. We would like to invite listeners to share responses and feedback on social media using the hashtag #TICPodcast 

Subscribe now to ‘Teach inspire Create Podcast’ on your favourite streaming platform to get notifications when the episodes launch + listen to the series trailer here: 

Cover image of Podcast guest, Jamie Beddard.

Teach Inspire Create Podcast cover art

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