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University staff reject below-inflation pay offer and vote on strike action, says UNISON

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Thousands of university workers including administrators, cleaners, security and catering staff voted on Friday (22nd July) on whether to strike over pay, says UNISON.

Employees overwhelmingly rejected a 3% pay offer from the University and Colleges Employers Association in May.

More than four in five (83%) workers turned down the increase that does little to help with the crushing cost-of-living pressures staff face, says UNISON.

The union says employers refused to increase their offer despite UNISON negotiators making the case for a rise of 2% above inflation (which is currently 11.8) after a decade of pay freezes and real-terms pay cuts.

Staff struggling to make ends meet as prices continue to soar and have been left with no option but to consider striking, the union adds.

More than 20,000 workers across 93 universities will be balloted, says UNISON. Other education unions, including the University and College Union, have also rejected the 3% offer and are expected to ballot staff on strike action, the union adds.

UNISON head of education Mike Short said:

“University staff have endured years of wage stagnation. With prices going through the roof and inflation at an all-time high a 3% pay offer is a significant pay cut.

“No worker wants to go out on strike, but staff can’t afford to feed their kids, pay for housing or fill up their petrol tanks. They are desperate for a wage increase that reflects the work they do to keep universities going and to make up for years of poverty pay.

“Employers must invest in staff or they’ll leave the sector for better paid, less stressful jobs in retail or hospitality.”

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