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3aaa Apprenticeships Are Building A Long-Term Partnership With Viapath

Michael Holder (Viapath), Mirali Patel (Viapath), Rakhee Patel (Viapath), Jeff Bowcock (3aaa Apprenticeships), Michelle Plange (Viapath)
We’re thrilled to announce that Apprenticeship Levy Club Member Viapath have hired their first 3aaa Apprentice under their new VIAcademy scheme. This is their response to the Government’s new Apprenticeship Levy scheme, which is aiming to transform Apprenticeships to be led by and funded by Employers.
Having been working closely in partnership with Viapath since November 2016, we have raised awareness across their business on how the Apprenticeship Levy can support both existing and new employees with their on-going training and development.
We have helped them to develop their VIAcademy scheme, giving their employees exciting development opportunities that are relevant to their job roles.
Mirali Patel recently embarked on her Apprenticeship journey through 3aaa Apprenticeships’ King’s Cross training academy and has since settled in excellently at Viapath.
She commented on her first week in role;
“I have been welcomed into Viapath and am enjoying the challenge. I’m looking forward to continuing to meet more experienced and knowledgeable people so that I can grow and develop professionally and become a skilled member of the Viapath team.”
Mirali joined Viapath less than two weeks ago as an Apprentice Facilities and Logistics Administrator and will be joined shortly by more apprentices all of whom will be developed through the Apprenticeship Levy in Service Support, Customer Service and Learning & Development roles.
Profile building and Apprenticeship Levy strategy development has been taking place across all Viapath sites over the past six months, led by Viapath’s L&D team and 3aaa Apprenticeships’ expert team. This process has so far identified over 50 existing employees that Viapath would like to invest in and up-skill through the Apprenticeship Levy.
Some of the job roles that Viapath colleagues have expressed an interest in developing employees through 3aaa Apprenticeships’ Ofsted Outstanding accredited training include; Team Leader, Operations and Department Manager, IT, Business Administration, Customer Service, Project Management, Healthcare Science Assistant, and Data Analyst.
Viapath’s HR Director,Mary Fitzgerald, also commented on the work that has taken place behind the scenes by numerous staff from 3aaa Apprenticeships and Viapath;
“Through VIAcademy, we’re in a great place to utilise the funds that the Government requires us to pay into the Apprenticeship Levy and I have been delighted by the response both internally from our own workforce and externally from the potential Apprentices that we are interviewing. A number of people in our HR, Finance and Communications teams have worked very hard alongside our Apprenticeship Levy Partners, 3aaa Apprenticeships to get VIAcademy up and running. Collectively we see our work with 3aaa Apprenticeships as the start of a lasting relationship to develop both our existing workforce, as well as to help new talent onto the first rung of their career ladder.”
3AAA logoViapath are just one of many businesses that 3aaa Apprenticeships are currently supporting the growth of through skills development.
With over 40 state-of-the-art training academies throughout England, 3aaa Apprenticeships specialise in both management of Apprenticeship Levy expenditure to ensure a return on investment and the delivery of professional services Apprenticeships.

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