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International Week of #HappinessatWork2019

International office suppliers Viking have compiled results from nine surveys conducted across the last three years to reveal what UK employees need to be at their happiest whilst at work.

The surveys consulted almost 14,000 people about their workplaces, looking at what makes them happy and what puts a downer on their day. Topics from mental health support to art in the office were covered to reveal what helps create a positive atmosphere in the office.

With the approach of International Week of Happiness at Work, Viking’s data offers some guidance for employers looking to keep a smile on staff’s faces. Here’s what employees had to say:

1. Add more artwork to the office

Employees highlighted the value of having more artwork in the office. Over half (54%) said every office should have artwork, 50% said it makes them feel less stressed, and 53% said it makes them feel happier at work.

2. Allow more flexibility during the working day

Flexible working hours will improve office happiness. 60% of workers said they would like to spend more of their week working remotely. Over half (51%) said they would rather work longer hours over four days, in return for a three-day weekend.

3. Take care of employees’ mental health

Nearly two-thirds (65%) of managers said they’ve never had any useful mental health training, despite the same amount saying they have been approached with a mental health issue.

4. Consider physical health in the office

Over half of workers said they spend over five hours a day sat in front of a computer screen at work. 8 in 10 said they’re worried about the long-term effects this will have on their health, making it an important consideration for employers.

5. Encourage employees to take an adequate lunch break

Nearly two-thirds (65%) said they work through their lunch break at least once a week. Lunch breaks are important, and employers should encourage them.

Andy Jones, SEO and Digital Marketing Strategist at Viking, said about the research:

“Employers need to be aware of the importance of a happy workforce if they want to recruit and retain the best staff. Happy staff are going to be more productive and be more passionate about what they do, and the company will look more appealing to those looking for work.

“Our research highlights things to improve and implement to achieve this goal. Employees need to feel supported and heard in their organisations and responding to this information will help employers do this.”

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