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A brand new Student Union for Gower College Swansea

Gower College Swansea has a brand new Student Union and – overseeing the smooth running of the organisation – a new full time (sabbatical) SU President, Laimis Lisauskas.

Laimis, who was an engineering student at the College before starting in his new role, will work across all campuses and represent all the College’s students. He will lead on events and initiatives and ensure that students’ opinions are fed back to senior management.

“I must begin by congratulating the College management team on making such a positive statement on the importance that they put on the student voice by introducing this role,” says Laimis. “I am really looking forward to supporting the students, to listening to what they have to say and to working with the College Principal Mark Jones and senior managers to take these ideas forward.”

Laimis hopes that, by working closely with the Student Management Group, he can help to speed up the internal communication process across the different campuses and that, as a result, any questions and concerns raised by students can be dealt with more effectively.

Immediate priorities for the Student Union will be carrying out awareness raising events around mental health and global sustainability, which Laimis sees as two of the biggest and most urgent issues facing young people today.

“Laimis will play a crucial role in making sure that the student voice is heard – a real students’ ‘champion’,” says Learner Experience and Wellbeing Manager Tom Snelgrove. “Although it’s early days for him, he is taking his new role very seriously and has already started to make some really positive changes. I’m confident he will make a huge difference to the overall College experience for our students.”

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