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Burton and South Derbyshire College’s Adam is stepping up as a joinery apprentice!

Adam Piper, a Burton and South Derbyshire College joinery apprentice has been making a name for himself in the workplace at Two Twenty Staircases in Foston.

Two Twenty design and manufacture bespoke timber staircases for builders and merchants. During his apprenticeship, Adam has the opportunity to work on a range of projects, including the recent creation of six bespoke staircases that will be sent out as display items to advertise the company’s products.

An apprenticeship is a real job with training, combining hands-on work with the chance to train and get qualified in a particular industry. Apprentices have the opportunity to gain skills and work experience, while employers gain enthusiastic members of staff who they can train to suit the skills requirements of the company.

Successful apprentice, Adam Piper said: “I like an apprenticeship as you don’t get treated like a student. I enjoy working in a big work environment with a variety of people. I also have the opportunity to learn skills on tools and machinery I wouldn’t have known about.”

He added: “I definitely enjoy an apprenticeship more than studying in the classroom; it’s different work every day and I enjoy it. You get experience as well as the qualification which is what most companies are after. I would like to work my way up and become the boss one day so I can help apprentices where I am now to learn the trade.”

Speaking about the importance of apprentices to businesses, Neil Glover, Operations Manager at Two Twenty commented: “I think apprenticeships should be a big part of any business. It’s important to get young people in and get them trained up to help the business and the economy. Apprentices are keen to work, learn new skills and take themselves forward to start producing the quality items they’ve been shown how to make. Apprenticeships are absolutely vital to employers as they enable them to train the staff they need to take their business forward for future growth.”

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